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Being an active volunteer firefighter is an important service to your community. Many find the camaraderie and skills learned quite rewarding. Neighbors helping neighbors in their time of emergency need, is often one of the core values of a healthy and successful community.

Being an active volunteer firefighter requires dedication. When first joining, after completing a physical examination paid for by the fire district, the new member must attend the state required part time (1 evening class per week) training course in the basics of firefighting. Once completed, the volunteer firefighter can choose to continue their  education with ongoing levels of training courses provided by state and county instructors from the County Fire Coordinators Office.

Each month, in-company training drills are held involving fire apparatus and equipment used by the firefighters when responding to fires and other emergency situations. Many times mutual aid drills are held with other fire companies. A minimum number of firematic drills must be attended to remain proficient in firefighting skills and to maintain company membership. Beyond the mandatory drill commitments, members plan and carry out fire company events like pancake breakfasts and BBQs open to the public.  And last but not least, the maintenance of the fire station and equipment are also done by company members.

Although certainly a commitment, the personal reward is in the “feeling”.  Learning the skills and having the confidence of being part of a team working together during emergency situations, provides a unique and satisfying feeling of accomplishment when helping others.

If you are thinking about being a volunteer firefighter, please contact the Spencertown Fire Company at 518-392-5250 or at: so one of our officers can meet with you.

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