Willy Schwarz Memorial Room

The Willy Schwarz memorial room is a social room for company members. It is maintained by funds left to the fire company when Willy passed away in the early 1970’s. He was a long time member of the company and also a local artist. Many of his paintings can be seen today hanging on the walls of the fire station. One of the large paintings hangs in the fire company meeting room.

J William Hall Memorial Flag Pole

The J William Hall memorial flag pole was constructed by the fire company in memory of Bill Hall, a long time and dedicated member.


David Blake Memorial Park

The David Blake Memorial Park was developed in memory of David Blake, who served as a Fire Chief in 1975 and was a long time and active member of the fire company. The park is located on the same property as the fire station. Its location along a bubbling stream and hedgerow of tall trees is a perfect place for company members and their families to picnic, or for a quiet place to meet to discuss current events. Its nearby BBQ pavilion is used for private company events and events that are open to the public. The park and pavilion were constructed by donations from a town resident.


Fred Oleynek Memorial Garden

The Fred Oleynek memorial garden was constructed by the fire company with funds donated by the Oleynek family. Fred was a past Fire Chief in 1977 and long time member of the fire company. The garden is located only feet from the fire station and is a place where members can sit and reflect on years past.


Ellsworth Kelly Dedication 

Ellsworth Kelly who turned 90 in 2013, is an internationally renowned artist and WWII veteran. His art has been viewed as part of public collections in New York City, Paris, Madrid and London. In July of this year, Kelly was awarded the 2012 National Medal of Arts by President Obama. He has resided in the Spencertown area since the early 1970s.

Mr. Kelly has supported the company for many years as a resident of the town and through his Foundation. His support for the current fire station, which was completed in 2001, has been substantial and “without fanfare” and company members wanted to show their appreciation. During a September 21, 2013, dedication ceremony, Company President George Wenk announced that the fire company had voted to make Ellsworth Kelly an Honorary member. He then unveiled a plaque permanently attached to the outer wall of the fire station near the entrance to the truck bays. The plaque says “This fire station is dedicated to Ellsworth Kelly in honor for his support and commitment to the Spencertown Fire Company September 21, 2013.”


FrFred O ClipArted Oleynek Memorial Scholarship

In 1985, the Spencertown Fire Company began awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior who resides in the area served by our fire company; and who plans to continue their education at college. In August of each year our membership hosts a beef “BBQ”, the proceeds of which support the scholarship. In April and May, committee members consisting of fire company volunteers, review applications, meet with applicants and while adhering to committee guidelines, choose which applicant is awarded the scholarship. The protocol has not changed much since 1985. Our application area has expanded somewhat, there have been minor changes in its structure and there have been many different committee members and chairmen over the years. To date, we are proud to say that since 1985 we have never missed a year awarding the scholarship.  With a donation bestowed to the fire company from a long time town resident who passed away the previous year, in 2018, SFC members decided to increase the annual scholarship to $1,500.

On September 30th, 2009, a well respected and long time member of our company passed away. Soon after, our company chose to name our scholarship in his honor. The scholarship is now named the Fred Oleynek Memorial Scholarship. Any graduating student who lives in the Spencertown Fire Company service area and is interested in applying for the scholarship, should contact their Guidance Office for an application or click here 2018 SFC FOM SCHOLARSHIP.


Albert Verenazi Tanker Truck Dedication

Albert was a 45 year Life member of the fire company when he passed away in 2013.   That same year, the Austerlitz Fire District purchased a new 2000 gallon Tanker which replaced the older tanker at the Spencertown Fire Company.  The members of the SFC felt that the truck should be dedicated to Albert as he was an active, loyal and very good friend and member of the fire company.  Albert has two sons, Matt who is a past Fire Chief and still active Life member (photo) and Gregg, also a Life member.

1931 Seagraves Engine Truck Dedication
The Spencertown Fire Company still has its original 1931 Seagraves engine truck, …in a large part due to the diligence of deceased past member Bruce Whiteman.
In the early 1980s, SFC member and past Fire Chief Bruce Whiteman, lead a movement to locate, bring back to the SFC and restore the Seagraves truck we once owned and used to fight fires with. This was no easy feat. At the time, the fire company didn’t have the money to restore the truck, so Bruce even started a public fund raising effort.
Bruce’s work was successful and we still have the truck to this day. It was always maintained by Bruce and is still used in parades. Bruce passed away in August of 2015 and had been a member for 54 years. Our current members felt that the truck should be dedicated in Bruce’s memory and did so at the 2017 annual Instillation Banquet.


Ted Howes Memorial Emergency Frequency Scanner

The Ted Howes Memorial Emergency Frequency Scanner was donated and will always be kept in the firehouse Social Room in his memory.  This allows anyone in the social room to keep current on all types of emergency calls in the area.

Ted “Pop” Howes was a long time member in the the early years of the fire company.  His generation of SFC members are responsible for providing the base needed in the early years for the fire company to be successful.  Ted’s son (Ted Jr who has passed away) and his Grandson, Dan Howes were/is a member of the SFC.

In the photo, grandson Dan Howes whose an active member and his son, Peter, who currently attends college out of the area, stand next to the memorial scanner.  We have hopes that if Peter decides to settle here in the area, he will also become a member of the SFC!