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Spencertown Fire Company Members
Duncan Boyd
Loren Brink
Brian Collins *Company Finance Chairman* *Past Fire Commissioner*
John Daval *Honorary*
Ricky DeGroff
Mark Dempf *Honorary*
Joel Dyslin *Life Member* *Past Fire Commissioner* *Past Company President*
Jay Engel *Fire Commissioner*
Russell Gauthier *Social Member*
Brian Geel Sr. *Company Secretary* *Past Chief*
David Harrison, Jr. * Life Member* *Fire Commissioner* *Past 1st Asst Chief*
Daniel Howes *Board of Directors*
Peter Howes
Robin Howes *Austerlitz Fire District 1st Ast Fire Chief*
Evan Kerr *Captain*
Guy Madsen *Life Member* *Past Fire Commissioner*
Donald McComb
Paul Mesick *Life Member* *Fire Commissioner* *Past Chief*
Rich Nesbitt, Jr. *Past Chief*
Timothy Newton *Life Member*
Stephen Oleynek
David Page *Board of Directors* *Fire Commissioner* *Past Chief*
Jeffrey Prack *Company Vice President* *Past Chief*
Eric Pilkington *Austerlitz Fire District Fire Chief*
Bill Rogers *Austerlitz Fire District 2nd Ast Fire Chief*
Chrissy Rundell
Chris Rundell *1st Lieutenant*
Dan Rundell
Jack Shear *Honorary*
Alan Silvernale *Life Member* *Company President* *Past Chief*
Steven Ulmer *Company Treasurer*
Josh VanAlstyne
Greg Verenazi *Life Member*
Mathew Verenazi *Life Member* *Board of Directors* *Past Chief*
Edward Walsh *Social Member*
Arthur Welch *Life Member*Past Chief*Past Company President*Past Fire Commissioner*
George Wenk *Past Fire Commissioner* *Past Company President*
Gary Williams *Past Fire Commissioner*
Shaun Williams *2nd Lieutenant*
Tara Williams
Gary Wood 

Spencertown Fire Company Board of Directors
President – Alan Silvernale
Vice President – Jeff Prack
Treasurer – Steven Ulmer
Secretary – Bryan Geel
Finance Chairman – Brian Collins
Director – David Page
Director – Daniel Howes
Director – Mathew Verenazi

Spencertown Fire Company Line-Officers
Fire Captain – Even Kerr
1st Lieutenant – Chris Rundell
2nd Lieutenant – Shaun Williams

Austerlitz District Fire Chiefs
Chief – Eric Pilkington
1st Asst Chief – Robin Howes
2nd Asst Chief – Bill Rogers