Every year before the Memorial Day weekend there are a few more red flags to place at the graves of our past volunteer firefighters. A few more people who, when they lived, served their community by working to be ready for the emergency call where their neighbor needs help.

Giving up time in their lives to learn how to operate the emergency equipment needed to put out a car, house, fuel, forest or electrical fire. Learning how to enter a burning building, how to do CPR and how to extricate an injured person from a badly damaged vehicle.

Working to be ready ….then that emergency call comes, leaving their own family and responding toward danger to help a neighbor. No pay, just a thank you and that isn’t always given ….or needed.

We know what it takes and what it means, that’s why we make sure the flags are there so they are acknowledged, remembered and honored.

Please take time this Memorial Day to reflect on those past veterans who during their lives protected our freedoms, our past first responders who protected us, and our past volunteer firefighters who did it ….only because it’s the right thing to do