The new Fire-Rescue truck assigned to the Spencertown Fire Company, which replaces the old truck taken out of service after many years, arrived Thursday evening May 16, 2019. KME Fire Apparatus from Nesquehoning, PA, who was awarded the Austerlitz Fire District new truck bid, delivered the truck and gave a 3 hour training to Spencertown and Austerlitz firefighters.

The new Ford F550 4WD Crew Cab is a custom unit designed by a truck committee formed by the Austerlitz Fire District. It’s no easy or quick task which took more than a year of design meetings and then many more months of working with KME before the truck was ready to be delivered.

With a CAFS (foam fire attack) system, extrication jaws, vehicle stabilization equipment, inline generator, rescue ropes, 4 side attach heavy duty winch, scene lights, water rescue sled and SCBA seats, …..its ready!

Austerlitz Fire District Chief Eric Pilkington said he is very happy with this truck, “it’s state of the art and can respond to and handle many different types of emergency situations.”

Chairman of the Austerlitz Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners Jay Engel, thanked the truck committee for the many meetings and long hours put into designing the truck, ensuring it fits the fire district’s needs as an effective and efficient emergency response vehicle. He also thanked KME for their cooperative and professional construction and purchase process.

Spencertown Fire Captain Evan Kerr said the truck didn’t sit long in the station before its first call, “we responded with it the next day to a vehicle roll over accident with injury just off the Taconic Parkway.”