12-15-2018 BEFO-IFO
(PHOTO: L-R Austerlitz Fire District 2ND Asst Chief Bill Rogers, SFC Firefighter Shaun Williams, SFC Firefighter Tara Williams, Austerlitz Fire District 1ST Asst Chief Robin Howes and Austerlitz Fire District Chief Eric Pilkington)
December 15, 2018 – Tara Williams of the Spencertown Fire Company was one of several people who graduated today, after having completed more than 130 hours of fire training required to be certified as an interior volunteer firefighter,
     Tara, a mother of two who works full time, feels it’s important that whenever possible, people should in some way be involved in helping the community they live in. Supported by her husband Shaun, who has been a member of the Spencertown Fire Co. for several years, Tara felt this is how she can also support the Spencertown/Austerlitz area.
     The fire training is hosted locally by the Columbia County Fire Coordinator’s Office and conducted by instructors certified by New York State. Today’s graduation was held at Columbia Greene Community College. The training, which is done part time over a three month period, involves both academics and field work, which is at times physically challenging. Now completed, she has received training in many areas including, Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations, Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations, National Incident Management System I-700 & I-200, Basic First Aid and CPR, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Interior Firefighting Operations and much more.
     We congratulate Tara and are proud of her and the other members of the Spencertown Fire Company who take time out of their lives to attend the training to become volunteer firefighters!