February 8, 2020 – Members of the Spencertown and Austerlitz Fire Companies participate in training for ice rescue equipment recently purchased by the Austerlitz Fire District.

Instructor Bob Davis discuses how the equipment is used, maintained and stored. Bob is President and Founder of MARSARS Water Rescue Systems and is retired from a 22 year career with the US Navy and Coast Guard. The newly issued equipment is assigned to the Spencertown Fire Co rescue truck.

Firefighters from both fire companies will participate in more training as the winter goes on, including actual “on ice” drills for technicians and rope tenders.

ON & INTO 2020 …..

The Spencertown Fire Company had a busy 2019!
In addition to maintaining the fire station & grounds and participating in meetings, training and drills, SFC firefighters responded to more than 80 fire & emergency calls in 2019.
In May we hosted our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast where local Mom, Pat Williams won the 50/50 raffle. Our summer beef BBQ was a great success again with the $1,500 Fred Oleynek Memorial Scholarship awarded to Sheila Sanders, who is attending SUNY Cobleskill studying Wildlife Management.
The Austerlitz Fire District replaced our old rescue truck with a new Ford F550 truck set up with the latest gear for vehicle extrication, scene lighting, a fire attack CAFS foam system and water rescue equipment (shout out to KME PA, & Bulldog Fire Apparatus – Albany NY for a great job).
We couldn’t do it without our members and the support of the Spencertown/Austerlitz and surrounding community.
Thank you and now on & into 2020!
2019 BBQ


Every year before the Memorial Day weekend there are a few more red flags to place at the graves of our past volunteer firefighters. A few more people who, when they lived, served their community by working to be ready for the emergency call where their neighbor needs help.

Giving up time in their lives to learn how to operate the emergency equipment needed to put out a car, house, fuel, forest or electrical fire. Learning how to enter a burning building, how to do CPR and how to extricate an injured person from a badly damaged vehicle.

Working to be ready ….then that emergency call comes, leaving their own family and responding toward danger to help a neighbor. No pay, just a thank you and that isn’t always given ….or needed.

We know what it takes and what it means, that’s why we make sure the flags are there so they are acknowledged, remembered and honored.

Please take time this Memorial Day to reflect on those past veterans who during their lives protected our freedoms, our past first responders who protected us, and our past volunteer firefighters who did it ….only because it’s the right thing to do


The new Fire-Rescue truck assigned to the Spencertown Fire Company, which replaces the old truck taken out of service after many years, arrived Thursday evening May 16, 2019. KME Fire Apparatus from Nesquehoning, PA, who was awarded the Austerlitz Fire District new truck bid, delivered the truck and gave a 3 hour training to Spencertown and Austerlitz firefighters.

The new Ford F550 4WD Crew Cab is a custom unit designed by a truck committee formed by the Austerlitz Fire District. It’s no easy or quick task which took more than a year of design meetings and then many more months of working with KME before the truck was ready to be delivered.

With a CAFS (foam fire attack) system, extrication jaws, vehicle stabilization equipment, inline generator, rescue ropes, 4 side attach heavy duty winch, scene lights, water rescue sled and SCBA seats, …..its ready!

Austerlitz Fire District Chief Eric Pilkington said he is very happy with this truck, “it’s state of the art and can respond to and handle many different types of emergency situations.”

Chairman of the Austerlitz Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners Jay Engel, thanked the truck committee for the many meetings and long hours put into designing the truck, ensuring it fits the fire district’s needs as an effective and efficient emergency response vehicle. He also thanked KME for their cooperative and professional construction and purchase process.

Spencertown Fire Captain Evan Kerr said the truck didn’t sit long in the station before its first call, “we responded with it the next day to a vehicle roll over accident with injury just off the Taconic Parkway.”


So far this year, Sunday May 12th, 2019, was one of the happiest mornings at the SFC. Some of our finest members and family volunteers came to cook and serve 118 Mom’s and guests at our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. A local Mom – Pat Williams – won $137 50/50 drawing and even though it was cloudy and rainy outside, everyone was smiling on Mom’s special day!

SFC breakfast coordinator, Brian Collins, said he was very happy with the turnout, one of the best since we started hosting the breakfast, “Our members wish they could cook breakfast for Moms every day. Each year more people come with their family and friends. Its a great day and a BIG thank you to our community and volunteers!”

SFC President Al Silvernale said, “….for $8 all you can eat, we don’t raise a whole lot of money. Of course every little bit helps, but we really do it for the community that always supports us,” “Its a fun morning for everyone!”


12-15-2018 BEFO-IFO
(PHOTO: L-R Austerlitz Fire District 2ND Asst Chief Bill Rogers, SFC Firefighter Shaun Williams, SFC Firefighter Tara Williams, Austerlitz Fire District 1ST Asst Chief Robin Howes and Austerlitz Fire District Chief Eric Pilkington)
December 15, 2018 – Tara Williams of the Spencertown Fire Company was one of several people who graduated today, after having completed more than 130 hours of fire training required to be certified as an interior volunteer firefighter,
     Tara, a mother of two who works full time, feels it’s important that whenever possible, people should in some way be involved in helping the community they live in. Supported by her husband Shaun, who has been a member of the Spencertown Fire Co. for several years, Tara felt this is how she can also support the Spencertown/Austerlitz area.
     The fire training is hosted locally by the Columbia County Fire Coordinator’s Office and conducted by instructors certified by New York State. Today’s graduation was held at Columbia Greene Community College. The training, which is done part time over a three month period, involves both academics and field work, which is at times physically challenging. Now completed, she has received training in many areas including, Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations, Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations, National Incident Management System I-700 & I-200, Basic First Aid and CPR, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Interior Firefighting Operations and much more.
     We congratulate Tara and are proud of her and the other members of the Spencertown Fire Company who take time out of their lives to attend the training to become volunteer firefighters!